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Discover more about the classical music of today with NMC’s Music Map, an exciting and educational online tool which enables you to see and hear the connections between composers, their teachers, pupils, influences and their works. The map includes many composers who do not have works on NMC but have been linked to one or more of our composers: this gives you options such as Steve Reich, Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen for starting points, alongside NMC composers like Harrison Birtwistle, Judith Weir, Jonathan Harvey and Tansy Davies. It even branches out into the non-classical world with Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, Portico Quartet and Acoustic Ladyland making an appearance which will hopefully encourage music fans of all genres to listen and explore new music.


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The categorisations used in the NMC Music Map are a result of personal opinions held within NMC Recordings and are not intended to be rigid or authoritative musicological demarcations. The map is an interactive tool which looks at the myriad relationships between composers, their influences and their work which we hope will encourage exploration and discovery of contemporary classical music. We welcome comments and suggestions throughout the development period of this innovative tool.