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Formed in 2003 by Irish composer Ed Bennett as a collective of performers and composers, Decibel explores experimental, energetic, extreme and unusual work which generally exists between, or outside the usual categories. They play contemporary music which combines a direct amplified instrumental ensemble sound with electronics, improvisation and in some cases theatrical elements.

Apart from premiering many works by Ed Bennett, Decibel has worked with a diverse range of subversive composers and artists including Louis Andriessen, Laurence Crane and Michael Finnissy, commissioning and premiering many new works. The group has also collaborated with artists from different disciplines including video artists and choreographers.

Since Decibel's first concert in Belfast in 2003 it has performed in concert halls, libraries, fields, sculptures, schools and art galleries throughout the UK and Ireland, to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim.


Rowland Sutherland     flute/ piccolo
Maria Insua Cao     clarinet/ bass clarinet
Neil McGovern         saxophone
Murphy McCaleb         trombone
Alan Thomas         electric guitar
Fumiko Miyachi         piano
Damien Harron         percussion
Barbara Lueneburg     violin
Ulrich Mertin         viola
Clare O'Connell     cello
Richard Pryce         double bass
Daniele Rosina         conductor

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