Digital Discoveries
Recordings from the British Music Collection

We are delighted to team up with Sound and Music to release this collection of works that were recorded between 2004-2006 as part of the Contemporary Voices scheme and are now held in the British Music Collection.

The eight volumes display a huge range of musical styles from choral pieces by Gabriel Jackson and Richard Baker, solo piano works by Tansy Davies and Luke Stoneham, ensemble works by Philip Cashian, Joe Cutler, Graham Fitkin, electro-acoustic works by Paul Whitty and Sam Hayden and electronic sound art by Katharine Norman and Evelyn Ficarra.

All the scores for these works are held in the British Music Collection, an archive that includes over 30,000 scores and recordings from British composers, dating from 1900 to the present day. Sound and Music, the national agency for new music, is working to develop the archive into a 21st century resource for today’s listeners and composers to explore the story of British music. The Collection contains both published and unpublished works, including many pieces that are out of print or hard to obtain. High-profile composers, such as Britten, Tippett, Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies, Cardew, Harvey, Weir, MacMillan, Turnage and Adès, are featured alongside currently emerging or less well-known composers whose work deserves rediscovery.

Through Digital Discoveries, Sound and Music and NMC Recordings hope to make music that has never been released, or that is hard to find, available for composers, performers and listeners to explore and discover.


Digital Discoveries Volumes 1-8  Purchase all 8 volumes for just £35

Over eight hours of music by 28 composers including Richard Ayres, Joe Cutler, Sam Hayden, Graham Fitkin, Tansy Davies, Luke Stoneham, Laurence Crane, Joseph Phibbs, Paul Whitty, Michael Zev Gordon, Geoff Hannan, Richard Baker, Katharine Norman, Andrew Toovey and Gabriel Jackson
Click on the button below to purchase the complete Digital Discoveries bundle (FLAC 16bit).

DD bundle


Individual volumes are £5.99 (mp3) and £6.99 (FLAC). To buy the individual recordings, please go to the recordings pages by clicking on the links below.


Can't Remember How It Starts                                                  On Shifting Ground                                                              

NMC DL3001                                                                            NMC DL3002                                                                            

Artists:                                                                                      Artists:                                                                                        

Ixion | Elysian Singers                                                               Three Strange Angels | CHROMA                                          

Composers:                                                                             Composers:                                                                              

Paul Whitty | Paul Newland                                                      Richard Baker | Philip Cashian                                              

Andrew Toovey | Laurence Crane                                           Michael Zev Gordon | Joseph Phibbs                                   

Geoff Hannan | Michael Zev Gordon                                      John Cooney | Graham Fitkin                                                 

Richard Baker                                                                                                                                                                                  

Joyrider                                                 Into a Several World                                                                                                      

NMC DL3003                                                                             NMC DL3004

Artists:                                                                                      Artists:

Jonathan Powell | Apartment House                                      New Music Players | Czardas Duo

Vanitas                                                                                     Apartment House

Composers:                                                                            Composers:

Jonathan Powell | Geoff Hannan | James Saunders                Philip Cashian | Michael Zev Gordon

Bryn Harrison | Evelyn Ficarra                                                  Martyn Harry | John Webb | Joanna Bailie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Here Be Monsters                                                  Magenta Cuts                                                                                                                         

NMC DL3005                                                                                  NMC DL3006                                               

Artists:                                                                                             Artists:  Apartment House | Stephen Gutman

Ensemble Expose | Catherine Beynon                                     [rout] | Katharine Norman | Evelyn Ficarra

Inigo Alonso                                                                                    Mary Dullea

Composers:                                                                                    Composers:

Jonathan Powell | Mary Bellamy | Luke                                     Richard Ayres | Andrew Toovey | Luke Stoneham

Stoneham | Joe Cutler | Sam Hayden                                       Evelyn Ficarra | Joe Cutler | Tansy Davies

Martyn Harry | Richard Baker                                                       Katharine Norman | Paul Whitty | Gabriel Jackson                         


Standing Jump                                                        Loophole

NMC DL3007                                                                                  NMC DL3008

Artists:                                                                                            Artist:

Sparling/ Myers | [rout] | Apartment House                                    Stephen Gutman

Victoria Johnson | Vanitas                                                              Composers:

Composers:                                                                                 Richard Baker | Katharine Norman | Mary Bellamy

Graham Fitkin | Sam Hayden | Paul Newland                              Ed Hughes | Sam Hayden | Tansy Davies

Alwynne Pritchard | Geoff Hannan | Gabriel Jackson                   Paul Whitty           



Digital Discoveries (music from the British Music Collection)



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