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Objects at and exhibitionTHE ALBUM

Objects at an Exhibition is a landmark commissioning project for NMC's 25th anniversary, in partnership with Aurora Orchestra and the Science Museum. The album, featuring six world premiere recordings by Gerald Barry, Barry Guy, Christopher Mayo, Claudia Molitor, Thea Musgrave and David Sawer, is available on NMC.


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The Science Museum awakened after dark with a unique walk-through concert featuring six world-premiere performances. Each was performed by the Aurora Orchestra in the presence of the object or space which inspired its composition, including the London-York mail coach, Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, 2LO, and the Flight Gallery.

The concert took place at 7:45pm at the Science Museum on Saturday 3 October 2015.



The concert directed by Tim Hopkins with Aurora Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Collon included world premiere performances of:



Gerald Barry - The One-Armed Pianist

Barry Guy - "Mr Babbage is Coming to Dinner!"

Christopher Mayo - Supermarine

Claudia Molitor - 2TwoLO

Thea Musgrave - Power Play

David Sawer - Coachman Chronos




NMC gratefully acknowledges support from



Thank you very much to the individuals who donated to Objects at an Exhibition through the 2014 Big Give Christmas Challenge. With our pledge from The Boltini Trust, Big Give matching and Gift Aid we raised over £13,000 towards the project, thank you:

Aldeburgh Music                                             

Sue Anderson  


Martin Bainbridge                                           

Chris Banks                                        

Matthew Barley                                              

Michael Berkeley                                            

Mark Bowden                                  

Andrew Burn                                    

Diana Burrell                                     

John Casken                                      

Robin Chapman                                               

Robert Clark & Susan Costello

John & Ann Compton                                    

Andrew Davis                                    

Dennis  Davis                                    

Nicholas Deakin                                               

Sir Mark Elder                                   

Graham Elliott                                  

Ben Foskett                                       

Rosemary Gent                                               

Anthony Gilbert                                              

Elaine Gould                                      

Jane Grime                                        

Matthew Harris                                               

Alan Hedges                                      

George Hooper                                               

Emily Howard                                   

Helen Hughes                                   

Kjeld Jensen                                     

Stephen Johns                                 

Allan Jones                                        

Matthew Kaner                                               

Ghislaine Kenyon                                            

Roxanna Macklow-Smith

Stephen Maddock                                          

Jane Manning & Anthony Payne

Sally Marks                                        

Colin Matthews                                               

Belinda Matthews                                          

Ed McKeon                                        

Anna Meredith                                

Gordon Mowat                                

Dominic Nudd                                  

Brian O'Sullivan                                

Noel Periton                                     

Julian Rushton                                  

Anne Rushton                                  

Alan Sainer                                        

Keith Salway                                     

Martin Sawer                                    

Richard Shoylekov                                          

Howard Skempton                                         

David Smith                                       

Edward Smith                                   

Martin Staniforth                                            

John Summerscales                                       

Heather Thomas                                             

Christoph & Marion Trestler                                       

Hannah Vlcek                                   

Anthony Whitworth-Jones                                         

Roderick Williams                                            

Eleanor Wilson                                 

James Wood                                     


If you would like to support Objects please donate here. We can in return offer you:


  • Credit on our website page for Objects at an Exhibition
  • Regular project updates by email
  • Advance notice to purchase the Objects at an Exhibition album featuring the six commissions
  • 20% discount on the album release
  • Free copy of the album to donors over £150
  • CD booklet credit and premiere event ticket for donors over £500

Thank you for supporting NMC Recordings.


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